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Ark Putney invites guests to the School on Saturday 11th November 2017

All ex-Elliott Pupils and Teachers are invited back to the school to see the work carried out so far refurbishing the buildings and to explore the new additions. A traditional School Dinner will be provided along with conducted tours of the buildings and grounds.

There will be a briefing on how the school is doing and where it is going, plus images and some memorabilia from the Elliott’s rich past will be on display. A moments silence will be observed to remember those no longer with us.

This event will be by invitation only as a large number is expected and so entry will be restricted to those who have pre-booked USING THE FORM BELOW.

It would be nice if those attending would pop a fiver (or more) into the school collection box on the day, to help with the cost of food and refreshments. Any funds left over will go towards the cost of storage cabinets for the new Elliott School Archives.

Also - At last a Archive at the School

The Ark has also offered the Elliottonian Website a section in the school library to store the small amount of memorabilia we have collected. I (the webmaster) am often asked what people should do with their Elliott memorabilia, well why not also donate it now we have somewhere to display it.

To do this properly we need a few things, most importantly funds to buy some secure storage cabinets and display cases, unless any ex pupils are in a position to donate such things? Also we need a couple of volunteers living close to the school (with spare time on their hands) to look after the collection.

What to do now

The Ark are allowing us to hold the reunion for no other reason than to keep links alive with the old school. In other words they are doing it for us old Elliottonians. Therefore it is fair that we help them as much as we can. So if you are coming please fill in the form below and hit the SEND button at the bottom of the form. This should produce a completed email addressed to me which you should check for accuracy and then send it like a normal email.

Please do one for everyone who is coming i.e. you are bring your partner / brother / sister / etc. who was also at the school. If you don’t receive an acknowledgment in a few days, then assume the message did not make it and try again.

If the above does not work (some browser just ignore the code and produce a blank email), just put you your name and address and whatever email address you want usedfor updates, in an ordenery email and send me that and I will fill the form out for you.

Those that have already booked