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The Video below is for one all those who want to see the Elliott School as it was before the rebuild and change of name.
I hope it brings back memories for you. Please click the arrow in the centre of the screen to play the introduction video

Background: As a former Pupil and was lucky enough to be allowed to look around the school, some forty years after I had left it. I was even allowed to photograph some areas. I was astonished how little it had changed, but also saddened by how it had deteriorated. I realised that others might have the same nostalgia as me and started this website. As its popularity grew I noticed that many ex pupils now lived abroad and decided some 50 odd years after the new school opened, to make a video of those pictures which is shown above (click to view).

A few years later former teacher Peter Payne sent a Clip from a cine film. It shows a School Journey to the Alps in 1984. I edit it with some computer software and then again posted it on line for others to view.

Then during the summer of 2013, I was given access to the old Elliott School buildings, just before the builders started to refurbish it ready for the new ARK Putney School to take it over sometime after 2015. This made 3 videos which again I posted on line for everyone to share. More recently I was invited to attend the Annual Remembrance Service. This was however a little special, as it was the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War. It was followed by an update by the new Head, regarding the building's refurbishment.

Then lastly when the Elliott Building(now called the ARK Academy) was reopened, a group of us videoed that as well. I have posted all the Videos on my video website (link below) and I have also made a You Tube playlist, a link to which is also shown below.

Andy Lambert (Pupil) 1958 -1963
Hampshire 2017
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