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Welcome to the Elliottonian Web Site

Welcome to the Elliottonian Web Site. This site is for the enjoyment of anyone who was associated with the Iconic Elliott School (now the Ark Putney Academy). This may include Teachers, Pupils and Staff. Although the Elliott School most of us knew was located at Putney (for over fifty years), its roots lay in Southfields and are over one hundred years old. We have resisted the temptation to present a 'flashy' web site, opting instead for an easy to follow, link driven layout. Above you will find links to the relevant sections of the site, these may be further divided depending on content. Please always check the news section to see what may or may not be happening regarding reunions etc. The rest of the website is very large (there is a lot of pictures and some quite long videos), so please bookmark the site and come back often.

About images: This website has a growing collection of named image, if anyone wants their image, or name removed they should contact us at the email address below. This website has been given permission to reuse these images on this website only, anyone copying them and using them elsewhere is infringing this right unless they themselves are the copyright holder, or have their permission. In simple terms please don’t copy and put them on Facebook, Twitter, or other websites until you have checked that we can give you that right, or there is a very real chance that you could end up being sued by the copyright holder, or worse (as has just happened) their 'money-grabbing' agent! Please remember if you were involved with the Elliott we are always are looking for any old school pictures, Publications, Form Pictures etc. So please think of us next time you are up in the loft having a clear out. Also if you want to send us your written memories we will try and publish them here. Send everything to andy@AndyLambert.com

The website is Sponsored by My Tracking Service. It was designed and is maintained by Andy Lambert (Pupil 1958-63) with much help and guidance from Edmund Hodges (Teacher 1958-85) Who are both happy to hear from former 'inmates' Email: andy@AndyLambert.com

The Assembly Hall

Designed in the fifties and clearly influenced by the Royal Festival Hall design.

South East Entrance

This entrance closest to Putney Heath used by Pupils arriving from the Green Man.

Truly Comprehensive

One of the first UK Comprehensives, it was extremely well equipped.

Southfield's Elliott

Southfields Elliott was also very progressive for its time.

Gym Corridor

The connecting Corridor polished by unknown numbers of plimsolls.


The well-equipped engineering workshops no longer surviving.

Official Entrance

Then as it is now, this is the Official Entrance to the Building

Spiral Staircase

The two iconic Spiral Staircases that lead to the top floor.

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