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Here you can report interesting news concerning the school. Please contact the Webmaster with any text for publication

Search facility added to the Elliott School webiste
15 plus years ago when I started this website I had no idea that there would be such a scarcity of information about the Elliott School and that so much would have just been thrown away! I started it largely because I was 'gob-smacked' that no body else had done one already. As the enormity of the task grew it slowly dawned on me that there was a very real chance that this was going to become the sole online depository of accurate data about the school. Now as it happens I was not completely right because in recent years and thanks to Face-book other resources have become available for the social side of Elliottonians reminiscing

During those long years I have been sent huge amounts of data, images and recollections and with help from many people and especially Alison Downey, Alan Morrin, Colin Humphreys and Edmund Hodges I have included it here. However, there comes a point (feels like about ten years ago) when it started to get hard to find things and so after much re-ordering and indexing we now in 2021 have the ability to search the website by a number of fields. You will find this new tool at the foot of the Home (main) page and if you find it useful please tell me. Andy Lambert FIVR the Webmaster.
Elliott School from the Air
The school intake of 1958 are using ZOOM to beat COVID 19
COVID 19 has been a real restriction on old school friends getting together. However a group from the intake of 1958 who have remained friends over the years, have been meeting up once a years usually in March for a number of years. Over the last couple of years they have been joined by others from the same intake and were planning to do so in 2021. However the restrictions brought about by COVID 19 have put paid to that idea (at least until later in the year)! So instead they have turned to Zoom the on-line communication protocol to keep in touch.

So now on Thursday night ever fortnight they hold an open house for anyone from the intake of 1958 to meet and chat. User change from week to week and can of course call in from all around the world (One even called in from a supermarket car park while his wife was doing their weekly shop). The diversity can prove to be interesting because for example what we see on the UK news about countries like America are not always what our school chums living there tell us!
Elliott School from the Air
Update on the Elliott School Archives (a plea for help)
At the recent reunion we confirmed that an area near the library could be used as an archive for items many of us have at home, relating to our time at the Elliott Schools (Putney and Southfields). The money raised at that reunion is to be used towards the cost of cabinets to securely store the item. This is a good start but it is just that a start. The web-master and some teachers have kept the schools memory alive with this website and the Egroup. In recent years we have been joined by facebook groups and (for reason the web-master will never understand) even a rival website!

All these organisations can publicise and even contribute to the Archive, BUT! they can not run it. We need someone reliable and independent to look after this project. That person must live close enough to the Ark Putney to be able to get there and work on preserving the collection. They must be able to catalogue and photograph / scan the items, so we can include their facsimile on line, for those living abroad,.etc. Lastly they must be able to work with the ARK management as they are going to be their guests at the school. We asked at the reunion for volunteers, but none came forward, so if you feel this is something you could do please contact the web-master as soon as possible.
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A new Video remembering the War years
Several people have contacted the website asking about a DVD published in 2006 which was a documentary that told the story of the evacuation of Elliott School children during the Second World War. It was made as part of the 60 year celebrations of the end of WWII and showed pupils at the school during the time of the evacuation talking with students still at school in 2006.

Most people who contacted the website wanted to know if it was still available and a couple offered a copy of it, suggesting I put it on the website. Regrettable tempting as that was it would have been illegal and so I set about making contact with the company who had made it Interlane Productions. Eventually I exchanged emails with Pascal M Mindlin and he generously agreed we could have the original. You will find a link to it in the Playlist accessible in the Video section of this website.
Elliott School from the Air
The School Reunion 11th November 2017
The planned reunion of all former Teachers, Staff and Pupils of both Elliott Schools (Putney and Southfields), is well under way. Once the ARK management returns from the summer shut down we will start firming up on details. but at the moment the likely start time is somewhere between 11am to 12am. This event will be by invitation only as a large number is expected and so entry will be restricted to those who have pre-booked To pre book you need to email us with the details asked for on the Reunion Form (link on the main or home page) or if your browser lets you, fill it out and send the form itself.

If you have already filled out an application check back with the form a few weeks later to see if your name is on the list. IF IT IS NOT ON THE LIST THEN YOU MUST LET THE WEBSITE KNOW as we are not perfect and may have made a mistake.
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The Elliottonian Website gets an overhaul
The Elliottonian Website was created by Andy Lambert in 2000 and was to start with just a collection of his and few friends’ photos. Andy had been a pupil at the school during the period 1958 to 1963 and although he was not a great pupil, he still had fond memories of his time there. With the help of others Alan Morrin, Michael Tucker, Zubair Khatri, Alison Downey, Colin Humphreys, and especially Edmund Hodges, the Elliottonian website has grown massively.

However it has stayed in the same html format which works well on PC’s but is not very good with phones and tablets. And so at the beginning of 2017 Andy started to learn progressive html5 and on the 11 of April uploaded the revamped website. This will not be completely finished until the middle of the year as there is much material to convert, so please keep coming back to see what has been added.
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The Video of the opening of the Ark now available
The Official opening of the Ark Putney Academy building took place on the afternoon of Friday 8th July 2016. Amongst the former Elliott School Pupils and Teachers were Andy and Geoff Lambert assisted by Don Freeman and the videoed the opening event.

A few days later Andy and Geoff went back and filmed the now empty school so that those who missed the ceremony could see how well the buildings have been finished. You will find a link to all three Videos in our Video Page (link on the main menu)
Elliott School from the Air
A regular Reunion for older Pupils
Although our old School no longer exists the Head of the Ark Putney Academy is acutely aware of their heritage. During a meeting with the headmaster last year the possibility of holding Old Elliottonian reunions on the school site was discussed. With this in mind the Webmaster (Andy) would like to hear from anyone who would like to do this?

The suggestion is that we do it sometime Mid November probably on a Saturday, starting this year (2017) and repeating perhaps every other year. I know many of you enjoyed the school dinners we had at the last major reunion a few years ago and so perhaps we could also do that. Let me know what you think and if the response is good enough we can look at making it happen.
Elliott School Reunion
Grand opening of the Ark Putney Academy (formally the Elliott Comprehensive)
The Official opening of the Ark Putney Academy building will take place on the afternoon of Friday 8th July 2016. Former Elliott School Pupils and Teachers are being invited to attend. It will give everyone who used to attend the school, a chance to look around and see the changes.

More details will appear here as they are released, but if you intend to come, please contact the Webmaster with your name and address and we will add you to the list. Any changes will also appear here so please pop back from time to time..
ARK Putney
First look inside the refurbished school building
On August the 12th Ark Putney allowed this website access to the building, to record the progress so far. Having now finished those videos, they are available on line.

You even have a choice of how you view First for the those viewing on a computer, I have combined all sections into one video (the first video at the top of the page), which is in in HD format.

For those able to watch on a 4k screen, or even a smart TV, I have divided it up into three shorter videos all in 4K format. These are located underneath the HD version talked about above. Please feel free to pass the link on to anyone you think may be interested. Video link on the main menu
Inside Elliott School
The Memorial Event and some aerial footage of the School being refurbished
A service to mark the 100 years anniversary of the start of the First World War was held at the School. The Webmaster was amongst the old Elliottonians that attended, along with some Children from the ARK Academy. I was able to film it for those that could not make it.

Afterwards the Principal gave an interesting talk on the building work. so far. I also was given a chance to fly my Quad copter and camera around the building site (My thanks to Patryk Dubaniewicz of Lend Lease for this). Both videos are now available (video link on the main menu)
Elliott School Reunion
Plans for a special memorial event in 2014
Colin Dix attended the annual Remembrance Service at the School this year and sends us this report: The new Head made it clear that she wished to retain links with the Elliott School and that she was happy to have the Elliott War Memorial remain on display in the school.

Michael Tucker announced that it is the intention of the school to use the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War to organise a Remembrance Service to which ex pupils are to be invited. This will have probably more significance to the ex pupils who attended the Merton Road school at some stage in their school life. We will update this page with more details as we get them.
ARK Putney
More of The Elliott Videos now on line
We have put all three videos from the filming of the school building before refurbishment on line and added to them the video we did in 2006. The Elliott expedition to the Alps in 1984 has also been added and there is room for many more. If you have any video or film footage that you think will be of interest to other Elliottonians, please contact the website.

Please remember this is your website but it will not grow if it is left to just the handful that currently contribute. It does not take long to scan your old images and if you cannot do it we have volunteers who will do it for you.
Andys Video at the Elliott School
Access to the Construction site granted (AN UPDATE)
On the 2nd of August (a little later than planned) the Elliottonian website was given access to the Schools Main Building. Geoff and Andy Lambert representing start years 1956 & 58 respectively, were allowed access to make a brief video recording of the building before its refurbishment.

It was not the well planned and well executed visit we had hoped for and as a result the building had already undergone a lot of exploratory building work and much of the footage is shaky and poorly lit! However we do now have a lasting record, everyone can now enjoy. We have also answered the question about where did the school lockers disappeared to.
Elliott School from the Air
New section features Elliott Publications opened
Over the last few weeks Edmund Hodges has been scanning the collection of School magazines sent in by some very kind people and we have then added them to the Elliottonian website They make interesting reading even for years when you were not at the school.

Our thanks to those that have sent items and please remember that because there is no longer an Elliott, everything on the website can only come from people like you. So perhaps this weekend you could dig out those pictures and things, you keep meaning to send us!
Elliott School Publications
Old Elliottonians Rugby Football Club (OERFC) reunion
Old Elliottonians Rugby Football Club (OERFC) regularly hold an excellent dinner and reunion for its members. This year as the Elliott School no longer exists, they are taking this opportunity of widening the inviting to all Old Elliottonians, male or female (with their partners), to join their Sunday Lunch Reunion in September 2014.

This includes all Old Elliottonian pupils and teaching staff, from both the new (Putney) and the old (Southfields) Elliott School. Contact the Webmaster for more information
Website to be given access to the Construction site in January 2013
The erection of the temporary school structure is well underway, ahead of the work to be carried out on the main building. It is being constructed at the South West end of the site, where Pullman Gardens meets Hayward Gardens. The Webmaster has requested and obtained permission to make a photograph record of the new temporary building, once completed, so that everyone can see the progress.

The school principal Mr Phillips has also kindly offered us the chance to photograph the old building, before restoration. Come back early next year for the result of this visit.
Elliott School
Teacher Edmund Hodges attends the Architects Consultation
Edmund went in to "the Ark" on the 8th of December, in response to the Architects Consultation invitation and was quite amazed at the progress that has been made. A three storey temporary building has sprung up on the front lawn and Staff Car Park area. From the School Keeper's entrance, it looked as big as the Assembly Hall.

He chatted with two members of the Team of Architects, Hawkins/Brown, who were interested to have someone from 1958 - to ask things like original fascia colour and use of building and spaces, not that he can remember clearly the original exterior colour, beyond the Maroon of the Assembly Hall
ARK Putney Logo
Proposed plans for ARK Putney Academy (Elliott School)
The Elliottonian Website has been contacted by APA (Elliott School) consultation inviting all interested parties to a public consultation. This will take place on the 5th December 5pm-9pm and 8th December 10am-2pm at ARK Putney Academy, Pullman Gardens, London, SW15 3DG.

There will be an opportunity for all to discuss the proposed plans and leave comments. They also say you can e-mail them at plus there is also more information on the Wandsworth Council website
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Reunion for some of the 1958 again
Once again the webmaster organised a small reunion of some of the pupils who were in 1b 1h 1r and 1s in 1958 on the 10th October 2012, it was agreed that it would be nice to do it on an annual event, although the webmaster did ask if someone else would take over the organisation.

In the picture L-R Andy Lambert, Don Freeman Chas Otway, Sylvia Bouquet, Pat Elmes, Graham Eyre, Jean Woollett and Tony Irving. If you would like to attend in 2013 and were in those classes please contact the webmaster Andy Lambert (Pupil 1958-63) who will add you to the email list.
Elliott Reunion
The Elliott School finally losses its proud name after 107 years
At the start of the School academic year in September 2012, the Elliott School name sadly passed into History. The building hence forth will be known as ARK Putney Academy. A press release from the school said

"The former Elliott School in Pullman Gardens, led by headteacher Mark Phillips, celebrated its best ever GCSE results this summer with 63% of children achieving five of more GCSEs at A* - C including maths and English and an increase in A* - B grades across the board. Building on their GCSE success the school welcomed an expanded sixth form cohort back to school today. The has also been undergoing a transformation in preparation for conversion to academy status and joining the ARK Schools academy network which took place this September"
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