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This is where our collection of Elliott School Publications is displayed

This incredible interesting section features Elliott publications of all types, but especially the school magazine and is continually being added to. The school magazines were numbered up until 1957, but then stopped and although originally it was called the 'Elliottonian' it become the 'Trumpeter' and then (somewhat unimaginatively) the 'Elliott Magazine'. There is also one copy of 'The London Central School Magazine' from 1945 because 3 schools had amalgamated because of the war.  

Even if you were nothing to do with the Elliott, you may find some of the articles fascinating. For example the editions from just before the war, which give, a feel for the approaching uncertain times (those readers may also be interested in the "At War" section elsewhere on this website). Condition of some of the older editions is not always 'pristine' but we take what we can get from these rare archive items. 

If you did attend the school at anytime time, please remember that this website is only going to grow with your help! 

So please contact us if you have anything we can include here. Especially if it is any of the missing numbers of The Elliottonian. Also if computers 'leave you cold', email us for alternative arrangements, for example us scanning the item for you and returning it.

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