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 '?' Indicates uncertain of subject(s) taught or years at the school. 
'c 19--' indicates that the person appear on the list of tutors, for that year,

Name Info Image (if available)
Peter Uden Head of R E
Mrs Urquart Home Economics? Dawn Nevard (was Long) says "I remember one of the students being pregnant at around 16 and she was the one who was supportive of her, I will never forget that, there was all this gossip but she stood behind her".  
Mrs Sheila Underwood Languages c. 1978 Was Sheila Miller
Mr Vaal Woodwork from 1952 (replaced Mr Knight)  
Colin Venes English, Norman Housemaster Deputy Head
Peter Vincent English and/ or History? c.1958

Guy Bastin recalls "He was my form teacher (2U) and wrote little plays for the pupils. He then went on to be a major script writer for 'The Two Ronnies' and many other shows".
Judy Wade Art. There in 1958

David Ross "She wore lots of make-up and was our dream girl"
Mr B.C.Wallace English, Stage Manager for King Lear 1963 and The Winter's Tale 1964  
Mr. Walsh Music c1970 (Visiting Guitar Teacher)  
Dan Walsh Geography. At least one of his colleagues thought he looked like "a Bishop in 'civvies'"  
Mr Hugh Walters Geography, Geology, Palaeontology. Picture from a school trip to Norway in 1960 Keith Hudson says "He was very good at singing rugby songs!" Vaughan Melzer recalls. I was a reluctant member of his field trip to Bally castle 1957? I returned an enthused Geologist (bought a real geological hammer) and dashed off again with him to Cheddar a week later. Two field trips never to be forgotten. A wonderful, mad enthusiastic teacher. Bob Wilkinson writes. On a field course to Norfolk when visiting a trawler in Yarmouth he leant over a rail in the engine room for further inspection, managed to let his pipe drop out of his mouth and into the bilge. There was great hilarity all round. Some years later, I recall a picture of him in one of the 'dailys' posing in front of his wrecked car which unfortunately was buried under a collapsed brick wall. What a character.
Miss Warner ? c.1966  
Bob Watson Metalwork c.1969

Clive Jones 1969-74 writes:- "Oh for the chance to tell my old Engineering Teacher Mr Watson that the hours after school in the workshop actually did help and more than he will ever know; with his help I went through college and wound up working on the Space Shuttle at NASA."
John Webberley Woodwork, Housemaster. He included a Guitar making Club in his woodwork activities.

Don Freeman recalls "Had a strang knack of remembering people by their bike shed rack number!"
Terry Weeks Art from 1973 (he had been an Art Technician for a few years before that). Now living near Penzance.  
Ruth Welch Maths and a bit of Music 1980 to 1981
Ged Wensley Art  
Jan Weymes English, MACOS and CHUMS around 1977  
Christine Whatford CBE BA
(formerly Miss Greig)

Started as History around 1972, became Deputy Head by 1983 In 1989, she was appointed as Director of Education of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, a post which she held until her retirement in 2002.

In the Queen's Jubilee Birthday Honours, June 2002, Christine was awarded a CBE for her services to education.

Later Photo taken at at the 30 years reunion in 1986
Miss Dorothy Wheeler Norman House Mistress from 1956 Pictured 1960
Tony Wheeler Art (Former pupil returned to do some part-time teaching)
Lesley Whiston Science, c.1973  
Jackie White PE, Head of Year, Assistant Head, current teacher. Said to be very popular with staff and pupils.  
Janice White English, there in 1969

Jill Stenning says "A cute (all the guys fancied her!) and cool English Teacher. Such a shame that we lost her in an air crash"
Rosemary White French , Housemistress Unusual for her time she told the boys they could always take off their jackets if they were too hot. Paul Fisher recalls "She maintained an iron discipline, and woe betide anyone running or making a noise in the corridor near room 119. "Tenez la gauche dans les couloirs" above the door".
"Chalky" White

PE c 1960

Later Picture taken at the 30 year reunion in 1986

Valerie White Maths 1970- c 1975  
H. K. Whiting The First Head of English at the new school 1956. Left in 1957 to become Head of Stoke-by-Nayland School, East Suffolk. Succeeded by Mr Snape  
Miss D.E.Wiggs BA (Hons) French, 1931 to 1942. In 1951, at the French Institute she was awarded the "Diploma of Officier d'Academie" and was decorated with "Palmes Academique" conferred by the Government of the Republic.  
Miss Winifred Whitty Needlework, Pre- 1937. Retired in 1963 She was Deputy Head under Mrs Williams in the old Southfields Elliott Girls School, having been with the school during evacuation to Guildford and became Head of Needlework and Home Economics in the new Putney Elliott School in 1956
Mr Wife English and Maths 1947

Les Cooper recalls "he was very popular with most of the lads and had a ‘friend’ called Matilda. Matilda was a short bamboo cane about 18” long that would appear suddenly from nowhere and administer a short sharp shock. We sometimes drew lots to ‘discover’ Matida’s hiding place and whoever found her and suffered her stinging kiss would generate a degree of peer group kudos. Mr Wife knew this and would allow a degree of Russian Roulette to be played to break the boredom. He was a big chap and rather larger than life".
Bernard Wiggins English c 1967-69  
Colin Willis French (went on to run a Pestalozzi children’s village)  
Mr Tony Willis Head Teacher 2002 -2005

Began teaching in 1977 and is thought to have competed in some of the Paralympic Games between 1980 and 1996 where he won a gold, two silver and a bronze medals in the pentathlon, high jump and long jump.
Glenda Williams Home Economics  
Arthur HC Williams Maths 1956 -58 and 1961 - 62 Was appointed by the British Council to Addis Ababa for the three year gap. Then went to Kingsley School in Chelsea Now lives with Wife Jane, in Cairns Queensland. Picture taken in 1957
Lou Williams Physics
Mrs Phyllis E Williams B.A. Head of the Elliott Central* School for Girls from 1949 Became Deputy Head when the school moved to Putney and became comprehensive. Left to become Head of Ensham School, London by 1961

Olive Collins (nee Pulham) recalls "Mrs. Williams came to us originally as Mrs. Thompson, she later married Mr. Williams who at one time was head of Riversdale" (the junior school next door).

* Central was one step below Grammar and above Secondary Modern in those days.
Steven H. W. Willink Latin, Maths and Classics. Was also a Pianist

Graham Holley says "I have many memories of Stephen Willink, who used to take some of the older lads to the Green Man for a pint after school - and pay!"

The Picture was taken 31/7/1965 near the Tower of London when he was a teacher at the Bell School of Languages in Cambridge.
Mr H A Wilkinson Maths 1946
Charles Winder

1961 - 1964 English and Drama. Helped with senior and Junior Cricket and Junior Football
Miss Wolfe History  
Geoff Wood Technical Drawing and Games during 1969 and 1970  
Jackie Wright PE c.1969  
Alex York Maths, c 2006
Cliff Yorath PE. London Welsh rugby See also John Taylor  
Mr. Young Business Studies around 1950.

Olive Collins (nee Pulham) recalls "that he was the only male teacher in the girls school".
Miss Lee Zimmer PE Married Noel McKee. (In the late fifties)

Barry Lewis recalls "A real Corker"